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5 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Picking your wedding photographer is one of THE most important decisions you make when planning a wedding. Your wedding photos are one of the only aspects of your wedding that you get to keep and enjoy forever so you want to be sure you book someone who’s work you really LOVE.

So with no further ado, here’s 5 tips to help you choose the perfect photographer for your wedding:

💥Decide what style you want. There are tonnes of talented togs offering wildly different styles of wedding photography. Don’t worry too much about the industry jargon (reportage, documentary, fine art, etc) but it’s worth spending some time on Instagram looking at different photographers. It’s often easiest to decide what you don’t like before trying to decide what you do like! If you aren’t quite sure if you like someone’s editing style then KEEP LOOKING. I don’t care if they were recommended by all your friends, if you don’t love their work they aren’t the photographer for you.

💥 Set a budget. It’s worth investing in your photos as you will keep them forever, but you still need to decide on a budget. A lot of wedding photographers have their prices on their website so you easily discount any who don’t fit your budget.

💥 Look through their portfolio. Look through at least one (ideally more) full wedding gallery not just the highlights on their Instagram feed. If they don’t have a full gallery online then email and ask if they can share one with you! If you want lots of specific types of shots (groups, portraits, details etc) then looking through some galleries will help you see if the photographer you’re considering is going to be a good fit for you.

💥 Take your venue into account - if you’re getting married somewhere dark like a barn then make sure the photographer you book has experience working at that venue or similar venues.

💥 Make sure you get on! You’ll spend a good chunk of your wedding day with your photographer so it’s important that you get on at a personal level. Book a phone or video call with photographers you’re considering and see if you vibe.

If you’re struggling to find suppliers you love or simply don’t have the time to spend scouring the internet then book a Power Hour with me and get personalised supplier recommendations with easy to follow actionable steps!

Happy wedding planning,

Becca x

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