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About Becca

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Hey there! I'm Becca



I'm the owner and founder of Evermore Event Studio, a design led wedding planning studio based in Devon. I've been coordinating and planning weddings in the UK and Australia for 10 years. I'm a little bit obsessed with leopard print, pink and anything that sparkles. Yoga keeps me sane, coffee keeps me going. 


I've worked in the hospitality industry since I was 14 and in the wedding industry since 2012. I've done pretty much every job you can think of within the hospitality industry - waitressing, bar work, even a brief stint as a prep chef! I've worked as a wedding coordinator in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, including a stint at Metropolis Events in Melbourne. After coming back to the UK from Australia I left the wedding industry and spent a few years working in HR. I soon realised I missed the wedding industry and so in 2020 Evermore Weddings was born!

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Why choose me? 

I might be the wedding planner for you if...

  • You want a wedding that is fun and relaxed but mega organised and super stylish. 

  • You're planning a marquee or dry hire wedding and want an experienced wedding pro to make sure your day runs perfectly.

  • You know you don't want your wedding to look and feel like everyone else's but you're not quite sure how to turn your vision into reality.

  • You want a planner who is fun, friendly and who will get as excited about your wedding plans as you (honestly, I'll be your number one hype gal).

  • You want someone who will go the extra mile to make sure your day is absolutely perfect. Someone once said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. I'm always looking for the little extra that will take your day from good to great, whether that is straightening chairs so your photographer gets the perfect shot, running last minute errands for you, even walking the bride and groom's dog (yup this really happened!).

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"A friend, a lifesaver, the most prepared person you’ll ever meet and all round hype girl!"

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A bit more about me...

I'm wifey to my husband Josh and first time mama to our daughter Enid (she gets her sassiness from me). We live in the beautiful old village of Lympstone on the Exe Estuary with our pets Rick (cat) and Morty (dog). 


I studied History at the University of Manchester and ended up in the wedding industry completely by accident. I had taken a job at a local wedding venue after graduating whilst I applied for graduate roles. I fell in love with weddings immediately, and a few months (and one drunken NYE conversation with my boss) later the venue offered me a role as Wedding Coordinator. Still haven't got round to getting a graduate job! 

After a few years as a wedding coordinator I took some time out to travel and explore the world. After a 9 month 'gap year' that ended with a whirlwind tour of New Zealand I decided I wasn't done with traveling and spent the next few years mainly living and working in New Zealand and Australia whilst also visiting as many countries as I could manage ( I think I'm on 28 now...)!  

When I'm not planning weddings I'm probably dancing round my kitchen listening to Taylor Swift, walking the dog along the Exe Estuary trail, enjoying a coffee at my favourite coffee shop, or squeezing in a yoga practice while the baby sleeps. 

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