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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Stress less and save money

Congratulations on your engagement! When it comes to the planning process, brides range from "I have been planning this my entire life" to "I have no idea what I'm doing". Wherever you fit on that spectrum, there are some good reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

Provide Support and Advice

A wedding planner wants you to have the best day possible, and they want to listen to what you want. They are there to fight your corner and are ideally placed to act as a mediator if there is any wedding related conflict between you, your partner and family members. They are there to listen if you feel you are not getting heard, and can offer a third party opinion that will help you negotiate tricky conversations and decisions. This ensures that your wedding truly reflects your vision for the day.

Keep You Within Budget

A common misconception is that hiring a wedding planner will drastically increase the overall cost of your wedding. However, this isn't necessarily the case. Having a pro on board can help keep you accountable with your spending and prevent costs from spiralling. Wedding planners can actually help you get better value for money by negotiating costs, suggesting cheaper alternatives and knowing which areas to skimp on and which to splurge on.

They Take the Stress Off You

Regardless of the size of your wedding, planning is a lot more than just picking some pretty flowers and deciding on a menu. The average UK couple will hire 15 separate vendors for their wedding. Coordinating between all of them and ensuring that everything runs perfectly takes a lot of work. A wedding planner is there to take the heat off you and ensure that everything on your to-do list is taken care of ahead of time. They can't guarantee your wedding will be entirely stress free - there are always last minute issues - but they will be there to deal with them for you.

Unlike your other vendors, who often have multiple weddings each weekend, your planner is solely focused on you. If your ceremony and reception are happening at different venues, your planner will be there to provide overall coordination. They are the ultimate safety net for your big day. Having organised and run dozens of weddings, I can guarantee that something always goes wrong. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be worrying about why the cake hasn't shown up, whether the table plan is correct, or whether your vegan guest got the right meal. You want to be able to enjoy every second, safe in the knowledge that your wedding planner will take care of all those things for you.

You Have Lots of Options

Whether you need a full-time planner or just on the day help, a wedding planner can help. Most planners, myself included, offer a variety of different packages designed to provide the exact level of support you need. For many, having a planner involved for just the final weeks before their wedding is ideal, and offers a cost effective option that means you can fully relax and enjoy your day knowing that all your hard work won't be ruined by an unexpected last minute problem.

Find Creative Alternatives

Many weddings follow a very similar formula but one of the main benefits of having a professional planner is that they can help you to really think outside the box. Having seen countless weddings, they are ideally placed to create a truly personalised event that stands out and reflects you as a couple. By encouraging you to question every aspect of your wedding, they will help you focus on why you are making certain decisions and choices. For example, most traditional wedding venues only offer a sit down three course meal (often at vastly inflated prices per head). A planner can help you find a cool alternative venue (think brewery, tepees in a field, barn) and then do all the legwork of finding suitable vendors. This not only gives your wedding a unique feel, it can often end up saving you money too.

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